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Any time -- Register your team using the link above! Take the time now to form a team and learn about cochlear implants so you can hit the ground running when the app opens.

December 1 -- CI Hack App opens. This allows you access to audio samples for testing, and this will be where you upload your final entries. You have 8 weeks to hack a better cochlear implant.

January 29 -- Audio samples for submission are released. Run your algorithm on the new samples and submit the output matrices.

February 2, 11:59:59 PM PST -- Submission deadline. Once the submission deadline passes, Round 1 of Judging will begin, followed closely by Round 2.

Winners will be announced in early March.

Signing Up

Please register to participate as an individual or team using a single email address for the primary account holder. The CI Hackathon web application will be used for submitting entries and judging processed sound samples.

Uploading Algorithms

After creating new algorithms, you can upload samples for vocoder processing in the CI Hackathon app.

Round 1 Judging

In Round 1, you will judge teams' submissions in all categories. You will be asked to rate the quality and clarity of the sounds on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 10 (excellent). Try to use the full rating scale.

Round 2 Judging

In Round 2, you will be asked to listen to two entries and choose the better of the two, for a subset of entries in all categories.

Review by team and code review

Top teams for each category will be notified, and a code review with the top teams will take place with the event organizers.