Audio Samples

Training audio samples will be available via the application:

Performance will be judged on three stimuli from each of the following categories. Leading up to submission, you will be able to test your algorithms using the provided audio samples that are similar to those used for judging. The exact audio samples that will be judged will be released near the day of submission. This judging set is a held-out set that you will not have been given before.

Consonant-Nucleus-Consonant (CNC) Words

CNC words are commonly used to judge cochlear implant performance. These are simple, single-syllable words with a vowel 'nucleus' that should be fairly easy to understand in a noiseless environment. Our audio samples contain male and female speakers saying consonant-vowel-consonant words for you to test your algorithms with.

Natural Speech

Natural speech is the stimulus that most cochlear implants target with their algorithms. This is for good reason, as natural speech is so important to us in day-to-day life. Our audio samples contain male and female speakers saying sentences in English.

Speech in Noise

Many CI users struggle in a noisy environment. Interpreting speech in noise is an important milestone for improvement. Our audio samples contain speech in three different types of noisy environments.


Cochlear implant users usually do not enjoy music to the same extent as they did prior to implant. An improvement in music processing would greatly improve CI users’ experience. Our audio samples contain a wide variety of music types to experiment with.